War Horse Trots to Boston

War Horse Boston Opera HousePhoto via War Horse National Tour

If you saw the critically acclaimed 2011 film War Horse, you might recall scenes of intense battle, dramatic music, and a boy riding a large, powerful horse in slow motion. And if you remember these live-action images, it is probably hard to imagine such a striking story having the same impact on a live stage. But starting this Wednesday, October 10, War Horse will arrive at the Boston Opera House for Broadway in Boston, and audiences will see firsthand how the production’s life-size horse puppets come to life on stage with detailed movements, strategic lighting, and sound effects. The success of this illusion helped War Horse win five Tony Awards last year, including Best Play.

As the story goes, in 1912, Albert, a teenage boy in England, witnesses the birth and growth of a horse, Joey, to whom he quickly becomes attached. But with Albert’s family’s farm at stake, his father sells Joey to the cavalry, and the horse is shipped away to France. Getting caught up in the hardships of World War I (despite being too young to serve), Albert embarks on a dangerous mission to find his horse and bring him home. War Horse is a story of friendship, loyalty, bravery, and more, but above all else, it encompasses the very bond between man and pet—and friend and friend—that many of us love and understand.

With the Academy-Award winning motion picture out on DVD, why should one leave the comfort of his or her home to watch War Horse on Broadway? If the answer is not immediately obvious (life-size horse puppets!), think harder. See the movie or read the novel first if you are unsure, but then consider the fact that your trek to the Boston Opera House in the Theater District is probably much easier and cheaper than having to haul it to New York City. What’s more, whether or not you are a Broadway show fanatic, the five-time Tony-Award winning War Horse is likely to steal your heart and prove well worth the extra bucks.

War Horse will be playing from October 10-21 at the Boston Opera House, 539 Washington St. To purchase tickets, find showtimes and dates, and read more about War Horse and its amazing cast, visit BroadwayInBoston.com.