Five Places to See Christmas Lights This Season

christmas-lightsPhoto by Andrew Malone/Flickr

Every year, there are those who are willing to put a slightly excessive amount of time into covering every square inch of their house with little colored Christmas bulbs. Then, of course, we have the people who go one giant, festive step above and beyond the norm—they time their lights (including the ones wrapped around life-sized lawn characters) to holiday music and reel in crowds from the farthest of towns. While they may not be as elaborate as some of the light shows seen on YouTube, Redfin Real Estate has compiled a list of the best neighborhoods around Boston to see some quality lights this year. Here’s where you should go:


Check out Lynn Fells Parkway around Forest Street, where, according to WBUR, light displays have cost owners a hefty increase in their electricity bills ($200 to be exact). Here, you may encounter a musical pathway, a talking Santa Claus, and other holiday décor galore. Even just a quick passing by might put you in the holiday spirit and perhaps inspire you to create your own celebratory outdoor masterpiece.


Rockvale Road off Shawsheen Street is the place to be in Tewksbury. There’s always that one house that will put you in absolute awe, outdoing the rest, but on this street, most of the homeowners participate with elaborate light displays, becoming a sort of “Christmas Village,” as described by Patch. Last year, presentations consisted of giant glittery penguins, blow-up Santas and his illuminated reindeer, houses adorned in a seemingly infinite amount of tiny red bulbs, and towering figures of Disney characters, Frosty, baby Jesus, Winnie the Pooh, Spongebob, and more. Here's a peek at how Rockvale Road looked in 2011:


Strings of bulbs dangle above the front lawn at the Landroche home in Westborough. A lit-up display of a train spreads across the grass, and multi-colored Christmas lights line the rims of the roof. While a neighbor has nastily expressed a dislike for what he or she considers a “waste of electricity” and has even gone as far as to file a police report, the display remains standing and will likely take your breath away thanks to its relentless owner.


In Quincy, it’s the Violette Family’s Christmas Light Display that has people talking. Though last updated in 2010, the family even created a website ( to inform viewers of showtimes. Talk about going all out! A tradition that began in 2001, the Violette’s light show has previously featured a Christmas tree as tall as the roof, the words “Let It Snow” in blue and white, trains, penguins, Santas, a half moon with a Santa hat, a North Pole sign, and more.


Perhaps the mother of all Boston area light shows, Christmas on Pine Street in Oxford is put on annually by Pam and Otto Shaw, who also have their own website to let the public know when to see their brilliant yard exhibit. They will run their timed show (tuned to music on 89.1 FM if you happen to be driving by) from 5 to 10 p.m. until January 1.

Neighborhood list provided by Redfin. For more information, visit the Redfin blog.