The Best and Worst of 2012 Pop Culture

Language/Slang Trends

Hashtag (#hashtag)

We are a little embarrassed that a mother named her baby Hashtag earlier this year. But the word itself represents the age of social media that America has embraced. From the Occupy movement, to the presidential election, to Hurricane Sandy, the art of the hashtag has been perfected on Twitter to spread news and trending topics across the globe.


We can all thank Drake’s top 40 hit “The Motto” for this catch-phrase, short for “you only live once” (that’s the motto). Sure, it’s a cute and potentially inspirational saying, but if Jimmy Kimmel thinks its funny enough to tweet from John Krasinski’s Twitter account, then it’s officially overused. But we always appreciate Jimmy Kimmel’s ongoing prank-rivalry with Krasinski, who stars in new movie Promised Land with fellow Boston native, Matt Damon.