Five Reasons to Leave the House This Weekend

North Shore Music Theatre’s A Christmas Carol

Rediscover the spirit of Christmas with Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol by the North Shore Music Theatre. This version of the classic tale about Ebenezer’s Scrooge’s Christmas attitude check comes complete with original music and special effects. Think: flying Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, and Scrooge being, shall we say, electrified, by holiday spirit. This year’s musical is directed by Arianna Knapp, who was involved in the production of the very first annual NSMT Christmas Carol show in 1989.

$45+, Friday-Sunday, Dec. 21-23, North Shore Music Theatre, 62 Dunham Road, Beverly, 978-232-7200,

Holiday Pops by the BSO

Do you hear what we hear? It’s a not-so-silent night with Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops, back for the beloved annual tradition that is the Holiday Pops. This weekend (and Monday, Christmas Eve) is your last chance this season to see Symphony Hall decked out with fa-la-las and jingle bells. Participate in sing-a-longs, see Santa Claus, and listen to the brilliance that is the Boston Symphony Orchestra. This truly is a family-friendly affair, with kids matinee performances every afternoon.

$35+, Thursday-Monday, Dec. 20-24, Symphony Hall, 301 Massachusetts Ave., 888-266-1200,


DanceFIT Studio’s Kid’s Nutcracker Dance Night

Sometimes, the weekend before Christmas, you have last-minute shopping to do. And sometimes, you don’t want your whiny kids with you at the store making a scene because you’re buying gifts for other people’s kids and not them. Sometimes, you just need to ditch them for an hour or two. Fortunately for you, DanceFIT Studio is hosting Nutcracker Night on Saturday. For $30 per child (or $50 for two siblings), you can drop your kids off at DanceFIT and then leave to do whatever you want. Best of all, when you come back, your child will hopefully have learned some adorable choreography. (And if not, they’ll at least have eaten dinner. Pizza will be served.)

$30 per child/$50 for 2 siblings, Saturday, Dec. 22, DanceFIT Studio, 25 Monmouth St., Brookline, 857-225-1888,


No Kids Allowed (Seriously)
Rudolph the Red Necked Reindeer, The Slutcracker & Gypsy Rose Pole-Dancing Lessons

While the kids are learning to point their toes and plie, parents and other adults are free to do more, um, adult things. For those seeking a raucous good time, consider shows taking place this weekend at Machine Nightclub and Somerville Theatre. At Machine, the Gold Dust Orphans will introduce you to Rudolph the Red Necked Reindeer. He’s one sexy redneck. (Or so we hear. You be the judge.) The Slutcracker at Somerville Theatre offers a classier kind of spectacle, in the form of a holiday burlesque show.

And for those of you who would rather be part of a show than just sit and watch, Gypsy Rose Dancing will be hosting Armageddon pole-dancing classes this weekend. Why are you blushing? The world’s ending.

Rudolph the Red Necked Reindeer: $35+, Thursday-Saturday, Dec. 20-23, 1254 Boylston St., 617-536-1950,


The Slutcracker, $25, Thursday-Monday, Dec. 20-24, 55 Davis Square, Somerville, 617-625-5700,


Gypsy Rose Pole Dancing Lessons, $35, Thursday & Friday, Dec. 20 & 21, 364 Boylston St., 617-824-0349,



Armageddon at Coolidge Corner Theatre

Speaking of Armageddon, we sure hope the world doesn’t end when the clock strikes 12 on Friday. That’s because at 11:59 p.m., Coolidge Corner Theatre will be showing Armageddon, the star-studded 1998 film about a team of oil drillers who try to save the world from a fast-approaching asteroid. Watch Bruce Willis chase down Ben Affleck after his character catches Ben’s hooking up with his daughter. See Steve Buscemi go all “Crazy-Eyes”-Mr.-Deeds-style on the moon. And please, please sing “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith as loudly and as off-key as possible.


$9.25, Friday & Saturday (if there is a Saturday), Dec. 21 & 22, 290 Harvard St., Brookline, 617-734-2501,