Ben Affleck Wins Golden Globes for ‘Argo’ After a Week of Snubs

ben affleck argoPhoto by Claire Folger via Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Before winning at the Golden Globe Awards last night for Best Director and Best Motion Picture—Drama for Argo, Ben Affleck wasn’t having the best week.

On Thursday, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences denied Affleck Oscar nominations for both directing and acting. Prior to the announcements, industry predictions pegged him as a sure nominee in both categories. (Thank goodness the Critics Choice Awards were kinder that evening.)

The next day, reports out of Tehran revealed that the Iranian government planned to fund its own version of Argo, which tells the true story of CIA officer Tony Mendez extracting American hostages from Iran in 1979. Iranian officials have criticized the American film, claiming that it is historically inaccurate and promotes “Islamophobia.” The Iranian version of Argo, called The General Staff, will be the government’s response to Affleck’s take on the hostage crisis.

Ben Affleck was even being jabbed stateside, albeit light-heartedly, from Golden Globe Awards hosts Tina Fey and fellow Boston native Amy Poehler yesterday.

Below, watch Fey and Poehler’s opening to the awards:

During the duo’s opening monologue, Fey first made a crack about Boston: “Ben’s first two movies took place in Boston, but he moved this one to Iran because he wanted to film somewhere that was friendlier to outsiders.”

Then Poehler added with an accent, “Hi Ben. Hi, how ah you? You doin’ good, huh? I’m from Boston too, so, you’re lookin’ great, good for you… You’re not bettah than me.”

The tables turned as the night went on. Affleck won for Best Director. Fey and Poehler lost to Girls‘s Lena Dunham for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. Affleck was also fortunate enough to have his wife, actress Jennifer Garner, go onstage as a presenter after his acceptance speech—he was so overwhelmed by the win, he had forgotten to thank some people, and Garner was able to finish the job.

Here’s Affleck’s acceptance speech for Best Director:

And at the end of the night, Argo won the most coveted award of the evening for Best Motion Picture—Drama. These were Affleck’s first Golden Globe wins since Good Will Hunting in 1998, when he won for Best Screenplay with Matt Damon.

So, Oscars, how do you like them apples?