PHOTOS: Former Red Sox Manager Terry Francona Signs Books at the Prudential Center

Terry Francona signing booksPhotos by Maggie Burdge

Former Red Sox manager Terry Francona signed copies of his book, Francona: The Red Sox Years, today at the Barnes & Noble in the Prudential Center. Co-written by Dan Shaughnessy, columnist for The Globe, the memoir has caused a lot of controversy recently over its hard-hitting criticisms of the Red Sox. But that didn’t stop Francona’s followers.

“We’re big Red Sox fans,” said Nicole Quigley, who showed up at 9 a.m. to secure her spot at the front of the line for the 12:30 p.m. signing. “Even though they had a big collapse, we’re still here,” she said.

Flowing chronologically from 2004, the book captures the behind-the-scenes side of the team, the players, and the business that is baseball. During his eight-year tenure, the Red Sox won two World Series championships. You can see why fans would be willing to wait hours to meet Francona.

“Because he’s the man,” said Marie Gee when asked why she was willing to stand in line for more than two and a half hours. “For people who love baseball, he has the passion for it. There are people who like baseball. He loves it.”

A few fans even cracked open their copies while waiting. “He gets into the personality of the Red Sox,” said Michael Reisner when asked what he thought of the book. As for the wait: “We’re looking forward to it even if it’s a long line,” he said.

Shaughnessy, who originally was not planning on attending the event, stood watch to support Francona. “We’re just here to show the colors,” said Shaughnessy of himself and the publicity team, “but we don’t want to get in the way.”

Fans wait outside Barnes & NobleFans waited outside the store for hours to meet Francona.

line in the prudential centerThe line wrapped twice around the front of the store and then continued down the hall in the Prudential Center.

fans show off their francona booksRed Sox fans were eager to show off their signed copies of the book.

Francona look-alike Francona look-alike Scott Johnson came to the event to get his copy of the book signed.