Southie Rules to Liven Up Your Saturday Nights

Pour one out for no one's favorite reality show.


Photo courtesy of A&E

A&E’s “Southie Rules,” America’s Sweetheart of the reality TV genre, has apparently been such a hit with viewers that the network is moving it from its original Tuesday night slot to … Saturday at 10 p.m., according to the website’s listings. Hm, so that’s probably not a great sign for our old friend “Southie Rules?” Nope, not a good sign at all. What’s more, A&E’s website schedule notes that they will play four new episodes in a row next Saturday to, you know, satiate the unbearable itch we all feel for loosely scripted, unnecessarily subtitled entertainment. (We’ve asked A&E to confirm that the schedule listings on their website are accurate, and will update with their comment.)

Hey now, there’s no reason to assume that moving the show to a time when literally everyone ought to be doing something better will necessarily hurt viewership. Few things are as well primed for a drinking game as formulaic, repetitive reality TV show. (Hey look, BostInno even made one.) But if we had to chug a beer every time someone on that show said “wicked,” well … we wouldn’t be showing up to work on Wednesday morning, now would we? No, no, much better to invite “Southie Rules” to your party Saturday night. Much better.