Oscars 2013 Recap: Seven Highlights from Sunday’s Academy Awards

From Argo’s big win and Michelle Obama's appearance, to Anne Hathaway's #LesNipplerables and Jennifer Lawrence's tumble.

argo producers

Argo producers George Clooney, Grant Heslov, and Ben Affleck after winning the Oscar for Best Picture, with presenter Jack Nicholson. (Photos via DisneyABC/Flickr)

1. Argo was the underdog, no matter how many people claim they predicted the film would win Best Picture, and even if they (like us) thought Ben Affleck had been snubbed for Best Director. Last night’s win was an upset, and that’s what made it so much sweeter to watch.

During his acceptance speech, Ben said “I was here 15 years ago or something… you know, I had no idea what I was doing. I stood out here in front of you all, I was really just a kid. And I went out, and I never thought that I would be back here… It doesn’t matter how you get knocked down in life, ’cause that’s gonna happen. All that matters is that you gotta get up.”

Of course, Ben was referring to his first Oscar win 15 years ago with friend Matt Damon. The two Cambridge natives won for Best Screenplay in 1998 for Good Will Hunting.

Michelle Obama

Photo by Pete Souza/White House

2. Michelle Obama’s “attendance” at the Oscars was arranged by Harvey Weinstein and his daughter, Lily. For a hot second, people thought her presence was confirmation that the Best Picture winner was Lincoln (although Zero Dark Thirty would have been a more sensible assumption, no?) In any case, the winner turned out to be neither.

Fast forward less than 12 hours, and criticism of the first lady’s appearance is making the rounds. Why was she there? What business was it of hers? The first lady’s needs to stop popping up everywhere! Honestly, people, Mrs. Obama opened an envelope and said a few words. Cool your jets and let the FLOTUS have her fun.

3. Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway both rocked short hairdos, but while Charlize looked “perfect in Dior” (a strapless white peplum number) with her “flawless perfect skin” and “danced perfectly” with Channing Tatum during Seth MacFarlane’s opening, Anne was off to a rough start. While on the red carpet, her awkwardly fitting pink Prada dress gave her the honor of the evening’s first truly uncomfortable Twitter trend, #LesNipplerables. Something tells us she doesn’t care though, since not long after, she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables.

Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck

4. Jennifer Garner wore $2.5 million in platinum and diamonds. She and Ben Affleck were one happy and beautiful-looking couple throughout the evening, despite (or perhaps even more so after) Ben’s borderline therapeutic rambling about their marriage during his acceptance speech. Clearly, he was just nervous. “I love Canada, I love Iran… I love my wife, who I don’t usually associate with Iran…” Smooth, Affleck. Real smooth.

jennifer lawrence

Photo via MTV/Tumblr

5. Jennifer Lawrence came. She was best dressed. She fell. She won. She flipped the bird. And well… why don’t we just relive the girl’s Oscar night via gifs?

hearin ko emerson college

6. Emerson College sophomore Hearin Ko got her 15 minutes of fame as one of six film students selected to carry Oscar trophies on stage yesterday. Ko was even a national Twitter trend for a while there. That’s what you get when you attend a school known for its social media prowess. Well played, Emerson.

7. And finally, the Razzie goes to… Twilight. Duh.