The Internet’s Ridiculous Response to VH1’s ‘Wicked Single’ Supertrailer

Let's just say, the haters be hatin' really hard on this new reality show.

VH1’s ‘supertrailer’ for new reality series Wicked Single, which premieres on St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday, March 17.

We thought Southie Rules was the bottom of the Boston reality show TV pit, and when A&E started to air back-to-back Saturday episodes, we sighed in relief. “Whew. OK, it’s over. It’s dead. We survived.” But it turns out we were wrong. So, so wrong.

Earlier this week, VH1’s new show Wicked Single released its “supertrailer” (shown above). The show has provoked such anger from viewers—especially yesterday during the Bruins game—that people on social media became downright violent with their words. If you thought the viewer reactions to Southie Rules were bad, check out how people on Twitter responded to Wicked Single

There was the ubiquitous “whoever did this should be shot” + hashtag combo:



The utilitarian approach:

The “punchy” approach:




The Twitter mob isn’t just mad at VH1 and the Wicked Single cast. They’re issuing warnings to everybody:


Finally, some viewers think Wicked Single will be so painful that they’ll just put themselves out of their misery.






Please, VH1, take some responsibility! There are innocent people’s lives at stake here—and that last one sounds really painful!