The ‘Wicked Single’ Premiere on VH1 Was Wicked Bad

Plus: Aly Raisman on DWTS tonight, A-List stars filming in Boston, and more A&E.

The Wicked Single Premiere on VH1 Was Wicked Bad. For a second there, we thought maybe VH1 had the right idea, premiering their new reality show about Boston singles the night of St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe the public will be so drunk that people will actually think the show is good? someone must have suggested. Apparently a near overdose on green beer was not enough to make anyone like this show. Of all the tweets and comments, this New York Times headline summarizes everything we feared: “Boston Wins Race to Bottom.” [NYT]

Everyone Had a Great Time on St. Patrick’s Day. We can tell.

Dancing with the Stars Season 16 Starts Tonight. Needham’s Olympic sweetheart Aly Raisman is paired with Mark Ballas. The gymnast has said that she hopes to follow in the footsteps of fellow Olympic gold-medalist and mirror-ball trophy winner gymnast Shawn Johnson, for whom Raisman and the Fierce Five danced backup for last season.

Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, and More Spotted Around Town. Along with Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss!), Amy Adams, and Jeremy Renner, they’re starring in a new David O. Russell flick. Keep your eyes peeled—here are details on where they’ll supposedly be shooting.

Steve Carell Visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Last Week. Their skit “Real People, Fake Arms” with Justin Timberlake is worth a lunch break watch. Carell has been making the rounds promoting his new movie The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, which premiered this weekend, but we would prefer if he were promoting a guest appearance on the series finale of The Office. [Hulu]