The American Idol Judges Love Angie Miller, But Do You?

There's no denying that Angie Miller has pipes, but the love she's getting could ultimately lead to her downfall.

angie miller american idol beverly

Angie Miller performing The Beatles’s “Yesterday” on American Idol. (Photo via Hulu/American Idol)

Last week, Beverly native Angie Miller stepped up her game on American Idol. Not only did she survive the elimination round, but she was among the three most popular singers of the week after her performance of “I Surrender.”

For the top 9 show, Miller sang The Beatles’s “Yesterday.” She hit all the right notes and was once again complimented for her talent and her look.

But when Nicki Minaj says Angie’s legs are “everything,” when Mariah Carey says “the ensemble is pow,” and when Keith Urban says, “we really like the hair, Ang,” are they doing her any favors?

There is no question that Miller’s singing abilities are top-notch. But time and time again, we’ve seen reality competition frontrunners who are too pretty and too beloved get the boot. The type of love that Angie is getting could ultimately lead to her downfall.

Last week, Jimmy Iovine suggested that Angie’s presence was pageant-like, and this week, as host Ryan Seacrest pointed out, she discovered a magical thing called the flat iron. When distracting comments like that are made on TV, viewers (and in this case, voters) might forget the amazing performance they just watched.

I am reminded of season 5 of So You Think You Can Dance. Contestant Kayla Radomski received consistently high praise from the judges. Her technique was unparalleled, they said. Head judge and producer Nigel Lythgoe suggested that it was that same praise that alienated fans from voting for Radomski, a beautiful, tall legs-for-days blonde. Fans love to love, but they love to hate even more.

It’s a lesson that Angie Miller should keep in mind as her season of American Idol continues. And it will continue, since it doesn’t seem like the Beverly native will be voted off anytime soon.

Speaking of Beverly, Wednesday’s episode confirmed for us that Angie’s definitely from Massachusetts, thanks to the video package played before her performance. We see her family at home and around town and… wait! Is that snow (I ask in my best Zooey Deschanel voice)? Why yes, it is. Angie Miller is definitely from New England.

Below, watch Angie’s performance from Wednesday night: