Weird Boston Celebrity Endorsements by Mark Wahlberg, Tom Brady, and More

Wahlberg, Brady, and other Boston celebs have teamed up with Ugg Australia, Gucci, and…French ginger ale?

You’d think that the only thing Mark Wahlberg and Sean Combs (also known as R&B singer Puff Daddy, P.Diddy, or the ever-simple Diddy) had in common was their talent for rapping. But alas, the two have suddenly become a power duo in the business world with the launch of their newest performance water, AQUAhydrate.

Wahlberg and Combs announced in February that they will release the product with the Southern California-based company and will oversee its business strategy with CEO John Cochran, the former president of Fiji Water.

In light of Marky Mark’s latest endorsement since his Calvin Klein days, we’ve compiled a list of other Boston celebs with fun and crazy brand endorsements. French ginger ale, anyone?

tom brady ugg australia

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1. Tom Brady + Ugg Australia

The Patriots QB and the popular Australian brand teamed up to launch Ugg Australia’s fall 2011 men’s line, which included slippers, outerwear, and accessories. Of course, most of us are familiar with the partnership considering his Ugg ad has been hanging over the Mass Pike for the past two years. According to Ugg, Brady “embodies the authentic style that is at the foundation of every product UGG Australia makes.”

Screenshot via Best Buy/YouTube

Via Best Buy/YouTube

2. Amy Poehler + Best Buy

The Parks and Recreation comedienne and tech superstore shot a commercial together that aired for the first time during the Super Bowl in February. Poehler played a “customer armed with a lot of questions” while the Best Buy Blue Shirt was more than prepared to answer.

Image via Gucci Guilty/YouTube

Via Gucci Guilty/YouTube

3. Chris Evans + Gucci

Gucci Guilty, a fragrance, put out this ad campaign with Captain America and actress Evan Rachel Wood back in 2011. Evans told the New York Daily News that the Gucci ads were “the easiest paycheck I’ve ever had.” Well, yes, Chris, all you had to do was take off your shirt and let a pretty girl rub her face next to yours. So that makes sense.

Screenshot via Schweppes/YouTube

Via Schweppes/YouTube

4. Uma Thurman + French Schweppes Ginger Ale

Thurman took a lot of heat for this bizarre ad which aired in 2011 in France. In the commercial, Thurman talks dirty to a news reporter and accidentally confuses “sex” with “Schweppes.” Funny! Thurman also endorsed Lancome beauty products in 2008. She filed a lawsuit soon after when the company continued to use her name after her contract expired.

Screenshot via villagehats/YouTube

Via Villagehats/YouTube

5. John Krasinski + Alec Baldwin + New Era

The two NBC sitcom-ers shot a series of commercials in 2011 for New Era baseball caps. The commercials followed the real-life rivalry between Krasinski and Baldwin, each rooting for their respective home teams, the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Classic.


Photo via Unreal

6. Tom Brady + Gisele Bundchen + Matt Damon + Unreal

Finally, we’re continuously baffled by how Unreal candy won over so many celebs with their “unjunked” candy, but it’s given us this video of Tom, Gisele, and Matt and the above photo of Tom with the Easter Bunny, so…there’s that.