Is Psy’s “Gentleman” the Next “Gangnam Style”?

The B.U. and Berklee attendee released his newest single today, and fans are emotional about it.

Korean pop star and former Boston resident Psy released a followup song to his dance single “Gangnam Style” today. The new single is titled “Gentleman,” and was leaked online yesterday. On Saturday, at Seoul’s World Cup, Psy will perform a new dance to go with “Gentleman.” The performance will be live-streamed at 5:30 a.m. EST on his YouTube channel.

“Gangnam Style” was a huge international hit last year—the music video reached more than 1 billion YouTube views, becoming the first video to do so in YouTube history. Fans, however, have taken their feelings about “Gentleman” to social media (no way!). The general response was a mix:

The Takers:

The Haters:

This person is shaking and crying:

This person is anxious about its nonexistent social impact:

And this person throws passive shade at King Timberlake:


What do you think, folks? Is “Gentleman” dance-worthy enough to succeed “Gangnam Style”?