Mark Wahlberg, Catfish King

During the MTV Movie Awards, Wahlberg pulled a fast one on Anna Kendrick, Joe Manganiello, and MTV News anchor Josh Horowitz.

When it comes to Catfishing, Mark Wahlberg is the king. MTV resurrected the show Catfish during Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards pre-show, playing off its revived popularity since Notre Dame football player Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend incident.

In the sketch, MTV News anchor Josh Horowitz and friends hunt down the love of his life, the awards show host Rebel Wilson, with whom he’s been interacting with online for a year.

At her supposed home, they run into Joe Manganiello, a.k.a. the hottie from Magic Mike (or, if you prefer, the hottie from True Blood, as well as, if you watched it, the hottie from What to Expect When You’re Expecting). Manganiello is also there to meet Wilson, the love of his life.

They’re joined by an aloof Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect, and also What to Expect While You’re Expecting), who’s there looking to meet Channing Tatum.

But, knock knock, and who’s there? Who else but Marky Mark. The Ted star shows no remorse and drops plenty of f-bombs in his defense:

I’m Rebel, I’m motherf****** Channing Tatum, I’m Denzel f****** Washington Wesley Snipes with some Chinese chicken [Colorado?], man. Dude, I’m the Catfish f****** king, man.

Catfish makes me happy, OK? That’s what I do. It’s like “Go to a Lakers game? Or f****** make my own beef jerky.”

After a heart-to-heart, everyone hugs it out. Aw, how sweet. But seriously, where’s Channing Tatum…? [MTV]