Turtle Power: Dress Up Like a Ninja Turtle and Go On a Bar Crawl

Proceeds from a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-themed bar crawl will benefit the One Fund.

Photo via seraphimc on Flickr

Photo via seraphimc on Flickr

Get ready to spot some heroes in half shells this weekend. Crawl in Boston, a social networking group that “gives professionals a chance to meet new people in a casual and fun atmosphere,” is hosting The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bar Crawl in Faneuil Hall on Saturday.

According to Jay Johnston, Crawl’s founder, the theme of this year’s costumed-crawl was based on his personal appeal for the cartoon and movies. “I have always been a fan of Ninja Turtles since I was little. I was thinking of a new theme that hadn’t been done before, and so I just went for it. The response has been great … other people really love the Turtles too,” he says.

Attendees are encouraged to get creative with their costumes, whether it be full on turtle suits, colored bandanas showing support for their favorite turtle, or creating custom outfits based on other characters from the series—giant rats included. Crawl in Boston’s events usually draw around 450 to 1,000 people, and the Turtles event is expected to draw a similar crowd.

Johnston says he hopes the get-together helps people “escape” for a bit, and enjoy the city while acting out of the ordinary. “People always have nostalgia for things from their youth, and these crawls are a way for people to take a break from the daily grind, be a little silly, and meet new people, while having something in common to relate to,” he says.

But the Boston Marathon bombings won’t be forgotten for the day. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the city’s One Fund, and all the cash generated through their photo booth, where attendees can snap pictures in costume, will benefit the fund. “With every crawl, we give proceeds to a different Boston children’s charity. However, in light of what happened, for this crawl, we will donate proceeds from tickets sales,” Johnston says.

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Photo via Picasa.com