Tom Brady Bro’ed Out Hard at the Kentucky Derby

The quarterback got a tad excited at the race results.

A persual of Urban Dictionary reveals that there are numerous ways for a Brosef to bro out with his bros. This weekend, Tom Brady ably demonstrated the horse-betting, bowtie wearing kind of bro-out. When jockey Joel Rosario’s horse Orb pulled off a win at the Kentucky Derby Saturday, Brady “got a little excited,” in the words of CBS Sports. (“Totally lost his sh*#,” in the words of this writer.) What has Brady so flipping excited? The Boston Herald reports that he bet $4,700 on Orb to win, which means he took away about $25,000. It appears he’s joined in a giant bro hug by Wes Welker and Teddy Bruschi (that’s Bro-schi, to you) and we could be wrong, but if you listen carefully, it actually sounds like someone in that huddle screamed “PROTEIN.” At least they have a penchant for self-parody. [Via BostInno]