Rihanna Was Three Hours Late to Her Makeup Concert Last Night at TD Garden in Boston

Angry fans took to Twitter, and well … expletives everywhere!

Oh, Rihanna, you may love the way guys lie, but fans certainly don’t appreciate it when their pop idols are unfaithful.

After canceling her Diamonds tour concert in Boston earlier this year due to laryngitis, Rihanna was set to perform a rescheduled show last night. But after waiting hours for their beloved RiRi, fans at TD Garden were left feeling abandoned by the star, and judging by their tweets, some were downright infuriated about the three-hour wait.

Oh how quickly they turn on you…



Many attendees lashed out at Rihanna for being rude to Boston considering everything the city has been through lately. (Let’s hope Aerosmith and New Kids on the Block show up on time later this month for their sold-out Boston Strong concert.)


Maybe Rihanna just wanted to know if her fans in Boston were willing to wait?

Maybe she was distraught over breakup #2376834 with Chris Brown?

Or, maybe Rihanna was holed up somewhere watching herself on TV. While kids were crying on a school night waiting for her at the Garden, other folks in the comfort of their own homes were watching Rihanna 777, a documentary special about the singer’s November 2012 tour.

Rihanna even tweeted about 777 several times in the hours leading up to when she should have been at her TD Garden show, scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. with opener A$AP Rocky (who—let’s be fair now—was also something of a no-show last night).

RiRi’s tweet at 8:50 p.m. was, shall we say, perfect for yesterday’s tardiness incident:

What’s the time Rihanna? Time to haul a** to that concert you’re late for!

By the time she was finally booed onto the Boston stage around 10:30 p.m. (three hours late, apparently fresh off a plane from Brooklyn), fans who hadn’t left yet begrudgingly stayed for the performance they paid for. While plenty of people forgave the songstress, others were still livid. The singer no doubt lost some Boston fans last night.


Oh, and just in case RiRi’s publicist is reading, one tweeter had a not-too-shabby idea about how to make amends:

So far, Rihanna has made no widespread apology about her tardiness. But really, is anyone surprised? After all, her album is titled Unapologetic.

Rihanna did give an obligatory shoutout to the city during her concert, which the Garden was quick to tweet out, and after the show, she also sent out the obligatory “I love you Boston” tweet. At 1:34 a.m. The next day.