The Office Finale Countdown: Top Moments from the Show’s Boston-Bred Actors

As the beloved NBC comedy comes to an end this week, we're revisiting some of Steve Carell, John Krasinski, B.J. Novak, and Mindy Kaling's best Office moments.

As The Office series on NBC comes to an end this Thursday, we’re revisiting our favorite moments courtesy of the show’s Boston natives all week long. Keep checking back—and share with us your favorites!—as we’ll be adding more throughout the week.


Our final day of reliving favorite moments from The Office, we’re taking one last look at Mindy Kaling’s superficial and annoying customer service rep character, Kelly Kapoor. Aside from playing Kelly on The Office, Kaling was also a producer and writer on the show. As a native of Cambridge, Kaling co-wrote a play with best friend Brenda Withers called Matt & Ben. Kaling played Ben Affleck and Withers played Matt Damon, and it was named one of Time magazine’s Top Ten Theatrical Events of the Year in 2003. Kaling has appeared in movies such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin with Steve Carell, No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher, and more recently, The Five-Year Engagement with Jason Segal and Emily Blunt. Kaling is the author of a comic memoir called Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), and is the creator and star of The Mindy Project on FOX, which was just picked up for a second season.

Kelly Kapoor, as Played by Mindy Kaling

5. Kelly is pregnant. But not really.

Nothing screams Kelly Kapoor like faking a pregnancy. And then admitting it seconds later.

4. Subtle Sexuality’s “Girl Next Door”

The fictional girl group consisting of Erin and Kelly created webisode videos. They were cute and funny, sure, but Kelly and Erin’s relationship is basically a match made in heaven. It puts Kelly and Ryan’s relationship to shame.

3. Kelly’s crazy diets.

Kelly is crazy. But her crazy diets are the worst. This goes hand-in-hand with the time she ate a tapeworm. Smart girl, amiright?

2. Kelly knows trash talk. The real kind.

Because most of us here in Boston can all relate to some friendly trash talk, right?

1. Kelly knows how to make things really awkward.

“And that’s how it’s done.”


Today, we’re taking a look at the best of John Krasinksi’s tall, handsome, and prankster of a character, Jim Halpert. Krasinski is a native of Newton, as well as fellow class of 1997 Newton South High School graduate, along with costar B.J. Novak. Before becoming a cast member of The Office, Krasinski was a script intern for Late Night with Conan O’Brien and had some minor acting gigs. After landing The Office, he began acting for the big screen in movies such as Leatherheads with George Clooney, It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep, and Something Borrowed with Kate Hudson. His most recent works include the indie film called Nobody Walks, and also Promised Land, a screenplay he wrote and starred in alongside Boston buddy, Matt Damon. As for upcoming projects, Krasinski will have a small role in the upcoming Netflix reboot of the comedy series Arrested Development.

Jim Halpert, as Played by John Krasinski

5. Jim fakes dead.

One of many pranks played on Dwight on The Office, this one’s from last year. It’s such a classic prank that I’m honestly asking how this couldn’t have happened sooner.

4. Those camera faces.

The Office basically wouldn’t be The Office without Jim’s obligatory glances toward the camera at moments of ridiculousness. It’s what makes this show beautiful (literally).

3. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.

Identity theft is not a joke, Jim. But this is a rare exception.

2. Jim and Pam’s wedding dance scene.

There are very few things that will go down in television history, and this scene will without a doubt be one of them. Jim and Pam are basically the Ross and Rachel of our decade.

1. Jim says goodbye to Michael.

Krasinski told The Off Camera Show that this scene was so emotional for him and Steve Carell. “It was because I think that we’re both from Boston,” Krasinski said. “Which is a little bit more of a town which is like, ‘Alright, leave emotions at the dooah, it’s all right, we don’t needa talk about it.’ And so he was very tough and steadfast, and then just saying goodbye to him, we just burst into tears.”


Today, we’re checking out some of B.J. Novak’s best moments as The Office’s temporary associate, Ryan Howard (and also the Vice President of Dunder Mifflin, and then a jobless washout, and finally, the creator of W.U.P.H.F.) A native of Newton, Novak made his acting debut on The Office, where he was also a writer and producer. As he began to establish himself in Hollywood, Novak took small roles on the big screen in titles including Inglourious Basterds and Knocked Up. He is now one of the producers of Mindy Kaling’s new series on FOX, The Mindy Project, and is rumored to have a role in the upcoming sequel to The Amazing Spiderman.

Ryan Howard, as Played by B.J. Novak

5. Stanley takes Ryan on a sales call.

The beauty of Ryan and Stanley’s relationship is that is doesn’t exist beyond this episode. Their partnership is so completely random, especially after Ryan is yelled at by Stanley after Ryan was falsely accused of hitting on Stanley’s daughter.

4. Ryan has a breakdown after realizing business school was a bust.

Ryan’s downfall after being fired as Dunder Mifflin’s veep is absolutely priceless. Especially with his terrible hair bleach. It’s so important to acknowledge how terrible Ryan is as a character, while still appreciating all the great Ryan Howard-isms and cynicism he brings to the show.

3. Ryan has existential views on the Earth and counseling, and is a hipster while doing so.

“Earth. You don’t have to be crazy to live here, but it helps.”

2. Ryan started the fire!

This is such a classic Ryan Howard moment. It pretty much put his character on the map for the viewers in the beginning seasons as the temp trying to fit in. Oh, how little we really knew.

1. “Bitch.”

This is without a doubt one of those clips that I can play over and over, and still laugh out loud every time. This is the epitome of Ryan Howard’s character in every way.


Today, we’re reliving Steve Carell’s best moments as office manager Michael Scott. Carell is a native of Concord, Massachusetts, and before The Office, was known for being a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He’s also made quite the name for himself in the movie business, starring in hits like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Little Miss Sunshine, and Crazy Stupid Love, as well as Despicable Me and Anchorman, which both have sequels in production.

Contrary to previous statements, Carell will appear on the series finale of The Office on Thursday, though no “that’s what she said” jokes have been guaranteed.

Michael Scott, as Played by Steve Carell

5.  “It’s Britney, bitch.”

The beauty of this clip is the 20-second anticipation with Lady Gaga playing in the background. And also, those shades.

4. Michael declares bankruptcy. Literally.

“I just wanted you to know, that you can’t just say the word bankruptcy and expect anything to happen.”

3. Hardcore parkour!

As Jim so simply puts it, “Technically they are doing parkour, as long as point A is delusion and point B is the hospital.”

2. Michael falls into a koi pond.

See, this clip here is a gem because the full episode only showed Michael falling in. The end is the best as Michael’s limp body is dragged out by Jim. Classic.

1. Prison Mike.

This is perhaps one of my favorite moments on television—possibly because nothing will ever satisfy me more than a Harry Potter reference on The Office. My two favorite fandoms colliding. This also proves that Carell is a comedic genius.

Also, Prison Mike has a bit of a Boston accent—and he nevah got caught neitha!