Five Reasons to Leave the House This Weekend, Maddie on Things Edition

Want your five reasons to go out this weekend? Here. Meet Maddie. She stands on things. And she does it well.

Plenty of fun things might lure you out of the house this weekend, including PorchFest in Somerville and the conclusions of the Together Festival and Boston Bike Week. Radio 92.9’s 20th Annual EarthFest is on Saturday, Josh Ritter will be at the House of Blues on Friday, and Bo Burnham will be at Berklee Performance Center tonight. On Sunday, you can check out UP: The Umbrella Project at MIT, where more than 300 LED-equipped umbrellas will be used in an interactive light show.

You might also consider not leaving the house to watch the series finale of The Office, read Dan Brown’s latest Da Vinci Code installment Inferno, or even catch up on some Boston’s Finest.

0But really, if you consider any five reasons to leave the house this weekend, keep in mind Maddie on Things, a book by Theron Humphrey about his rescued dog Maddie, whose patience and sense of balance prompted her owner to place her on objects, take photos of her standing on said objects, and then get Chronicle to publish a book about it.

Humphrey and Maddie will be at Brookline Booksmith for their book tour tonight at 7 p.m.


Five reasons to check out the Maddie on Things event:











All photos courtesy of Theron Humphrey/