Video: What If The Office Were Set in Boston?

The NBC comedy is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania—but how would the show be different if it took place in half its stars' hometown of Boston?

The Office is coming to an end tonight, so allow a little room for nostalgia, okay? The Office is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Dunder Mifflin Scranton is known for its crazy antics under the leadership of insufferable branch managers like Michael Scott. But what if The Office were set in Boston? A great chunk of the cast is from this fine city, anyway—so what would be different?

Well, quite a few things, actually. For one, the opening credits. With some scrappy Boston B-roll, a little bit of Dunkin’s coffee, and a Dropkick Murphy’s tune, you’ve got yourself a new opening:

There may be some other minor details about the show that would be different as well. Here are just some:

1. Jim would most likely (but definitely) be a Red Sox fan instead of a Phillies fan.
2. The team’s go-to restaurant and host of the Dundies would be a 99 Restaurant instead of Chili’s.
3. Obviously a coffee pot in the kitchen wouldn’t be necessary, as Dunkin’ Donuts caters to everybody’s caffeine needs in Boston.
4. Andy Bernard definitely would have gone to Boston College instead of Cornell, or some other prestigious place in the area. But let’s not give Andy too much credit, he couldn’t have gone to Harvard. Maybe Emerson College or Berklee since a cappella groups are so prominent there.
5. Angela’s senator husband would have been one of the Republicans currently running to be one of ours.
6. Kevin’s famous chili would actually be Kevin’s famous baked beans.
7. And that Froggy101 sticker above Dwight’s desk would most likely look a little more like this:

Screenshot via YouTube /

Screenshot via YouTube/

But then there are some things that would have fit Boston just fine:

1. Jan Levenson-Gould and Toby Flenderson would both definitely still be divorced (just call us Splitsville).
2. Dunder Mifflin Boston would have still absorbed Dunder Mifflin Stamford. Because Stamford is lame no matter what.
3. The corporate offices would still be in New York. And Dunder Mifflin Boston would still hate going there.
4. Creed would still be weird.