Watch: Ben Affleck Does Boston Proud On Saturday Night Live

The season finale of SNL included "Pahk the cah in Hahvahd yahd," some Matt Damon lovin', and a Massachusetts story in Weekend Update.

Ben Affleck SNL

Image via NBC

Alas, Ben Affleck joined Saturday Night Live’s Five-Timer Club this past weekend, and oh my, did he deliver some solid shout-outs to his hometown of Boston.

Even after hosting the show five times, Affleck’s never really delivered a monologue that doesn’t leave us cringing. Although last night was no exception—with some awkward marriage banter between his actress wife Jennifer Garner, who made a small cameo—Affleck did allude to having a similar conversation with his best Boston buddy, Matt Damon:,p0,d1

Following Affleck’s monologue was his first sketch called “Iranian Film,” a play on the Iranian version of Argo—which is actually just a movie about “the fabricated Ben Affleck and how he tricked Hollywood into making his film.” Oh, and Fred Armisen played Ben Affleck, with a Boston accent, Red Sox cap, and all:,p4

Another Boston shoutout came in Seth Meyers’ Weekend Update, which welcomed back the Boston-bred comedienne and SNL alumna Amy Poehler. The news of a Massachusetts sub shop employee being attacked by a customer for putting too many pickles on her sandwich made Weekend Update’s top news stories. Watch Poehler joke about the fiasco in the full episode (at 28 minutes in):

And here was my favorite sketch from Saturday night. Although there weren’t any allusions to Massachusetts, these two brainless characters played by Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong are too funny:,p0,d1

To see Affleck’s other sketches from Saturday night, along with some terrifying Kanye West performances and a tribute to Seth Meyers and Bill Hader, watch the full episode at hulu.comAlso check out some of our all-time favorite Ben Affleck/SNL moments.