WATCH: Ben Affleck Receives Honorary Doctorate Degree from Brown University

Ahem, that's Dr. Ben Affleck to you. Plus: Matt Damon's prestigious award from Harvard.

The boys of Boston are sure making a hell of a name for themselves in the collegiate circles this commencement season.

Actor, director, philanthropist, and now doctor Ben Affleck was among Brown University’s six individuals who earned an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree at Sunday’s commencement.

“This is a spectacular honor for me,” Affleck said, according to the Providence Journal.  “Not only for the education [notch], but now I surpass Matt Damon.”

Prior to Sunday’s commencement, Affleck never received a college diploma in spite of his success in the film industry. Affleck was honored by Brown for his work as a director, filmmaker, and actor, and was recognized for his contributions as a humanitarian advocate.

In March 2010, the Argo star founded the Eastern Congo Initiative, “the first U.S.-based advocacy and grant-making initiative wholly focused on working with and for the people of eastern Congo.” Earlier this month, Affleck announced his collaboration with shoe line TOMS on behalf of the organization. Affleck also supports Feeding America, Paralyzed Veterans of America, A-T Children’s Project, and the Jimmy Fund.

According to the Providence Journal, Brown awarded a total of 2,419 degrees, including 1,554 to undergraduates during their three-day commencement.

Below, watch Affleck deliver his brief acceptance speech as he makes a shout out to Boston buddy Matt Damon and thanks his mother who was sitting in the audience:

But let’s not forget that Affleck is not the only Boston boy with an Ivy League honorary degree. In April, Affleck’s Good Will Hunting buddy Matt Damon received the 2013 Harvard Arts Medal. Although the actor never finished getting his Harvard degree after attending from 1988-1992, Damon was awarded for his outstanding work in the arts industry, and of course recognized for the success of Good Will Hunting.

Here’s Damon at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre with actor John Lithgow, who hosted the ceremony: