Join a Giant Tomato Fight in Brockton For Just $20

The "Tomato Bash" promises to be an extremely messy—but memorable—experience.

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If you enjoy throwing tomatoes while squeezed between hundreds of people in an enclosed area, and simultaneously getting pelted with mushy pieces of the food, then Living Social has a deal just for you.

Tickets to a “Tomato Bash” at the Brockton Fairgrounds are going for just $20 (half of the usual price), and those interested in attending are promised a “messy” but fun experience, not to mention a chance to (sorry, have to do it) “ketchup” with some friends for a few hours.

As part of an all day festival featuring music, beer tasting, and of course, the main reason anyone would actually go to this—a food fight using nothing but tomatoes—the “Bash” is something people will want to check off their “bucket list,” organizers say:

Prepare yourself for the most insane tomato smothering of your life! Thousands upon thousands of non-edible tomatoes will fly through the air in an all out assault on cleanliness.  Dodge, duck and weave your way through this battleground of slushy red goo as you work hard to make your friends unrecognizable.  Beer, music, adrenaline and mushy flying tomatoes combine to create a memory that will be etched into your mind for eternity!

If you are wary of wasting food for the mere purpose of pelting your friends without the fear of said friendship ending, according to the event, all the tomatoes used for the fight are old, “overripe,” and cannot be sold as food. According to, which is also offering a discount on admission to the food fight, “the organizers of the Tomato Bash devised an alternative employment for the unworthy bounty, transforming the leftover tomatoes into ammunition for a massive ketchup making party.”

That being said, attendees of the August 17 affair are urged to wear goggles so they can avoid getting chunks of unripened tomato debris and seeds in their eyes. They also have to sign a waiver saying that the company hosting the tomato fight can’t be held accountable if for some reason someone dies while being nailed with the food. (Oh, and if you accidentally bring your iPhone in and it gets destroyed, that’s on you).

If this event is anything like the one held annually in Spain, it’s an all-out war where attendees will likely smother bits of tomato into your head, as others whip you with produce. “It’s the biggest tomato smashing [Brockton] has ever seen as you battle it out with thousands of pounds of tomatoes,” according to the event.

Below is video of one of the tomato fights in Spain: