Sandra Bullock Was in Boston For the Premiere of “The Heat”

The film is was shot in the city last summer and co-stars Melissa McCarthy of "Bridesmaids" fame.

Photo via BPD/

Photo via BPD/

After spending months in Boston pretending to be a police officer for her new movie, Sandra Bullock made a point to personally thank officers from the city’s department on Thursday, for all of their support during the making of her new film “The Heat.”

Bullock came back to Boston for the movie’s premiere, which was held at the AMC Loews Theatre on Boston Common. The buddy-cop comedy co-stars “Bridesmaids” comedian Melissa McCarthy. In the movie, Bullock plays an “uptight” FBI special agent, named Sarah Ashburn, who teams up with “testy” Boston cop Shannon Mullins, played by McCarthy. The duo is tasked with trying to take down a ruthless drug lord who is  causing chaos in the city.

Bullock told reporters and police prior to the premiere that while the film is about police activity, it provides a lot of comedic relief. “I was looking to do a comedy and ‘The Heat’ is certainly that and then some. Lots of laughs. I really think people are going to enjoy this movie,” Bullock said last night at the premiere.

Members of the Boston Police Department were on scene when Bullock arrived on Thursday, and snapped photos of the star as she waited to go inside. Police said Bullock thanked them personally for their hospitality and help during the months she spent in Boston making the film. The movie opens nationwide on June 28.

While Bullock was in Boston, her acting life intersected with some real-life drama involving the Boston Police. In July of last year, while producers were making the film, a MBTA bus crashed into one of Bullock’s trailers that was parked in Roxbury. Eleven people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Just a few days after the crash, a security guard working a police detail on the set of Bullock’s film helped nab a suspect who allegedly stabbed three people in Dudley Square. According to reports at the time of the attack, an argument broke out near a Social Security Administration office, and a foot chase ensued.

Luckily for Bullock, Thursday’s premiere at Loews went off without a hitch—or a bus crash.

You can watch the trailer for “The Heat” below: