Donnie Wahlberg Is Dating Jenny McCarthy

Watch the couple's super-steamy encounter on The Jenny McCarthy Show from earlier this year.

donnie wahlberg jenny mccarthy

Screenshot via YouTube

In your daily dose of skeevy news, New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg has a very interesting recent love interest. People magazine reports that Wahlberg and ex-Playboy-model-turned-TV-personality Jenny McCarthy are, in fact, a real couple.

Earlier this year, the two got extra steamy (I’m not kidding) on McCarthy’s talk show called The Jenny McCarthy Show on VH1. McCarthy and Wahlberg repeated sexual innuendos at each other while provocatively sucking on lollipops.

McCarthy asked, “Do you talk dirty while you’re having sex?”

“I do,” he said.

“You do—but some guys do it wrong,” she replied.

“Yeah, I don’t do it wrong,” Donnie Wahlberg said seductively. And then every single viewer’s discomfort level began to skyrocket. You can watch this incredibly weird video here:

Prior to this episode of her talk show airing, McCarthy foreshadowed their seductive scene on her blog with Chicago Splash:

Now, I want to talk about what happened between Donnie Wahlberg and me. Let’s just say we visually give “50 Shades of Grey” a run for its money. It gets steamy. I mean like really steamy. Being turned on by a guy is always fun but to have it legitimately happen to you on TV is to be turned back into a 12-year-old. By the time we get into the groundbreaking interview, my face turns fifty shades of RED.

Wahlberg has two sons from his nine-year marriage to Kim Fey, which ended in divorce in 2008. McCarthy has one son from a previous relationship. She also famously dated Jim Carrey for five years, which ended in 2010.

So there you have it. Another boybander is off the market. Fangirls bewail.