Here’s What The Giant Obstacle Course Through Boston Will Look Like

The Urban RAID series debuts its three-mile race from Government Center through Downtown Boston on July 27.

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Registration is still open for the obstacle course race that will take place in the middle of Boston this month.

Organizers of the “UrbanRAID” series announced on Monday that they were still accepting applications for the July 27 event, which features a series of climbing, running, and endurance challenges as participants try to maneuver through Boston’s urban landscape to complete the task of making it to the finish line.

Known as the “next generation of obstacle racing,” the day-long challenge will be set up in parts of Downtown Crossing, Faneuil Hall, and outside of City Hall on the brick plaza at Government Center.

The three-mile race route, which features a total of 10 obstacles, “showcases the best of Boston while having minimal impact on both traffic and pedestrians,” and caters to those that consider themselves cross training athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and recreational runners.

If you’ve ever dreamed of scaling ropes like you are storming City Hall, this is probably the event to sign up for—and it’s even Tom Menino endorsed. “Events like Urban RAID Boston promote health and fitness in a fun, positive way and allow participants to experience our city in a whole new way. I’m excited for them to join us this summer on City Hall Plaza,” he said back in May.

The organization recently released mock-ups of what the course will look like on the day of the race. Here are some of the challenges attendees can expect to take on:

The Monkey Bars in Faneuil Hall:

The Cargo Net outside Menino’s office:


The Tire Challenge in Government Center:


The Wall Front on the plaza:


The Sandbags up the steps: