Finding Matt Damon: How One Woman Found Matt Damon Overseas Simply by Asking Locals, ‘Where Is Matt Damon?’

Twitter user Erin Faulk found the Boston-bred actor in Morocco just by asking random locals.


Green Zone Image via YouTube

Earlier this month, Twitter user Erin Faulk (@erinscafe) made blog headlines when her tale of finding Matt Damon overseas went viral. She and her classmates were studying in Morocco when they decided to repeatedly ask locals where Matt Damon was, as he was supposedly around Rabat shooting Green Zone. And the best part of this story? She told her entire story via Twitter, unfolding the events and answering other users’ questions tweet by tweet.

Here, Faulk answered some of my questions about her oh-so-casual experience of finding Matt Damon, and how it introduced her to a career in film.

So holy cow, this is incredible. What made you set out on this adventure to find Matt Damon?

We heard from some of the other students that a lot of films and TV shows are filmed in Morocco because you can make it look like a lot of different places, and it’s cheaper. So we heard from some students that he was filming in Rabat, and I’d never been to Rabat. So we were like, “Hey, worst case scenario: We get on a train and go see a city!”

The way you told your story on Twitter was really interesting and innovative. It’s sentence by sentence almost in an anticipating way, while answering questions for users along the way. And it almost seemed casual, the way you told your story. Was the actual experience really like that?

It was, honestly. In real life, it was very casual and just funny up until the moment we walked on set. And we were like, “Wow!” Because we never expected this to actually work, you know? We were just kind of laughing at ourselves walking around asking people, and they were like, “What are you talking about?”

It’s so funny because I feel like that could never happen around America. You can’t walk up to any old person and say, “Hey, do you know where Matt Damon is?” They’d be like, “Are you kidding?”

Ha, so true!

Did you end up meeting Matt Damon at all?

No, we didn’t end up meeting him, but we ended up watching him shoot a scene. We were far away down the street because they were doing pyrotechnics and there was a lot of gunfire. But we were on set with the production crew, and it was kind of amazing. They assumed because we were Americans that we were supposed to be there.

Did you recognize any other actors from the set aside from Matt Damon?

No, I didn’t see any other celebrities. They had a stand-in doing a shot over and over until [Damon] was ready. But other than that, it was all film crew and really fun people. It was kind of nice because it was the first time I’d ever been on a film set, and I really just enjoyed the environment. And after Morocco, I moved to L.A. and last year I filmed a documentary. So it was like my intro into my world of film.

Oh, so you’re currently involved in the film industry?

Yeah! Right now I have a job in H.R. which is taking up a lot of my time. But all of last year I filmed a documentary on Twitter. And right now it’s actually just being finished, and should be out pretty soon. We’re going to start sending it out to distributors and hope for some publicity.

No way! That’s so fitting considering you told your entire Matt Damon tale via Twitter. What’s the documentary called?

It’s called Follow Friday, the film.


Here’s Erin Faulk’s Storify telling how she and her friends found Matt Damon: