A Fake Justin Timberlake Band Is Trying to Get the Real Justin Timberlake at Their Show

The Timberfakes are putting on a concert in Boston one day before Timberlake's show with Jay Z at Fenway Park.

Photo via Flickr.com/IlyaMirman

Photo via Flickr.com/IlyaMirman

There is a pregame of sorts for diehard fans of Justin Timberlake happening at the Hard Rock Cafe in the form of a cover band, and the singer of the group is hoping the pop sensation stops in to surprise the crowd.

For the last few weeks as Ryan Kelley prepares for yet another set with his Justin Timberlake cover band, The Timberfakes, he’s been pleading with the former NSync star to make a special guest appearance during the show since Timberlake will be in Boston for a weekend’s worth of performances. “My hope of hopes, and what I would love to see is that he will come down and surprise our audience, and do a song or two. That would be my dream though,” said Kelley, the group’s lead singer.

Since April, Kelley has been touring with his nine-piece band, hitting venues all around Boston and New York City along with a Jay Z cover band from the Berklee School of Music. Their stops have mirrored the show dates of  Timberlake and Jay Z’s “Legends of the Summer” tour, which hits Boston’s Fenway park for two nights this weekend.

“We have been doing a lot of promoting all week, and our fans have been really active,” said Kelley, who formed the band in 2008. “I’m fairly certain he knows we exist, or has heard us in the past. The fact that they have two shows this weekend shows that Boston is a really big spot for him, not every city got two dates … It’ll be his first appearance here in sometime, and I really hope he will make it to Hard Rock for an appearance.”

If Timberlake hadn’t heard of the group before, it’s likely after the recent barrage of tweets and correspondence with the singer’s management have put them on his radar by now:

The Timberfakes are giving away two free tickets to this weekend’s performance at Fenway Park, which sold out long ago, but are looking to add to that offer by having Timberlake himself hand out the freebies to fans. “There has been no official word. Someone from our camp has been in touch with his team but nothing official yet,” said Kelley.