A Fan Mistook Mark Wahlberg for Matt Damon

Mark Wahlberg said, "Close enough :) ."

Mark Wahlberg Fan

Image via Mark Wahlberg’s Facebook

Marky Mark played it real cool the other day when fans actually mistook him for none other than Matt Damon. Angelique Dormevil, who is a huge fan of Damon, ran into Mark Wahlberg and she asked for a photo. She shared her photos with friends via text, boasting, “We saw Matt Damon!”

Try again, folks.

Dormevil’s friend responded with a screenshot of a Google search for Matt Damon. “LMAO I screamed ‘MATT DAMON!!’ He didn’t correct us at all lmao,” Dormevil responded.

The exchange was uploaded to the Internet (because obviously), and eventually caught the eyes of Marky Mark himself. He shared the photo on his Facebook page with the caption “Close enough :).”

“Sorry for the mistake,” Dormevil wrote on Wahlberg’s post. “My mom and I saw him and I yelled out Matt Damon. I knew all his movies but I confused the two awesome actors.”


The two Boston actors are going head to head this weekend with two major summer flicks in theaters. Wahlberg stars alongside Denzel Washington in 2 Guns, released last weekend, and Damon stars with Jodie Foster in the sci-fi thriller Elysium, opening tonight.