Justin Timberlake and Jay Z Are Coming to Fenway This Weekend

Here's everything you need to know about the Legends of the Summer Tour.

Justin Timberlake and Jay Z

Image via MissCasanova / Flickr

The Legends of the Summer, Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, are coming to Fenway Park this weekend to put on a show that you’ll most likely never, ever forget. This will absolutely be one of the biggest concert weekends of the summer around Boston. Those with tickets will be sharing all their killer pics on social media, while those without will be asking everyone to wake them up when JT/Jay Z Fenway Weekend Extravaganza is over.

For those of you with tickets, you should go into it knowing a thing or two about the Legends of the Summer and their tour so far. Just sit back and enjoy the light show, y’all.

1. Boston is one of just 14 other North American cities in the Legends of the Summer tour. So consider us wicked lucky that we’re graced with their presence. Their tour is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated series of the summer in spite of visiting only 14 cities. That’s nothing compared to Taylor Swift’s 47 North American stops for her Red Tour, and One Direction’s 31 North American cities on their Take Me Home Tour.

2. Jay Z is the first black artist to headline a concert at Fenway Park since Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles in 1973. We know that only the best of the best get to play shows at Fenway Park — Springsteen, Aerosmith, and The Rolling Stones, for example. Wonder and Charles were brought by the Newport-New England Jazz Festival, along with B.B. King and other famous musicians for Fenway’s first concert series. That weekend was July 27-28, 1973, almost exactly 40 years ago.

3. The Legends of the Summer set list is nearly 40 songs long. Not even kidding. And yes, they’ll perform everything from old stuff (“Senorita” and “99 Problems” anyone?) to new stuff, and even some mashups (“What Goes Around”/”Dirt Off Your Shoulder” is killer). And did I mention there’s no opening act. How freaking classy is that?

4. Jay Z and JT honored Trayvon Martin at their show in NYC. The two played at Yankee Stadium in July, and closed their shows by dedicating a cover of “Forever Young” to the 17-year old who was murdered last year. Jay Z and wife Beyonce also attended a Trayvon Martin rally in Brooklyn together on July 20.

5. Timberlake was almost sued while on tour by an anti-sexual violence organization called Take Back the Night. It was sort of a big deal and the singer supposedly was not aware of the organization before releasing his track of the same title. The Board President of the Take Back the Night Foundation said, “They claimed he’d never heard of us before he wrote that song. I don’t know what country he’s been in. I suppose it could have slipped off his radar screen somehow. Somebody working for him definitely messed up.” Sassy, yes, but Timberlake later apologized publicly, and now everything is peachy.

6. Timberlake is going on a solo world tour in October. But he isn’t coming back to Massachusetts, so if you didn’t know about it, that’s probably why. JT will embark on the 20/20 Experience World Tour beginning on October 31, 2013, in Montreal, Quebec, and will visit 23 other cities in and around the U.S. including Dallas, Vegas, and his hometown of Memphis. Timberlake’s second counterpart to his 20/20 Experience album is due out September 30.

7. The Timberfakes want the real JT at their show. The cover band/die hard fans of Justin Timberlake, called the Timberfakes, are doing a show on Friday night before the Fenway show at the Hard Rock Cafe. The band and their team are trying to get JT to stop by their show before his concert, and were contacting his team via social media.