Comedian Kurt Braunohler Slays Audience with Mark Wahlberg One-Liner

The comedian is releasing his debut stand-up album and shares one of the harshest Marky Mark burns of all time.

Kurt Braunohler

Screenshot via video at Vulture

Comedian Kurt Braunohler is catching headlines lately with snippets from his upcoming debut stand-up album titled “How Do I Land?” Braunohler is known as the former host of IFC’s comedy game show Bunk, and current host of Nerdist network’s podcast K Ohle with Kurt Braunohler.

Vulture got their hands on this gem from his stand-up, a bit that they dubbed “Kurt Braunohler and the Chat Pack” in which he talks about a set of cards created as “conversation starters.”

“This is a box of questions for human beings who no longer know how to speak to other human beings,” Braunohler says. Then he briefly mentions how Chat Packs allow users to submit questions for future Chat Packs. And obviously he did it (because he’s a comedian and comedians don’t lie). One of his suggestions for future Chat Pack questions is a little dirtier than, “If snow could fall in any flavor, what flavor would you choose?” Cue Marky Mark burn:

“Do you think Mark Wahlberg is an alternate universe Matt Damon, but from a universe where everyone is born with Fetal Alchohol Syndrome?”

Ha. Okay, we all love Mark Wahlberg around here (and Matt Damon, too, I guess). And we know that Wahlberg is a good sport about this sort of humor, given his Matt Damon mismatch that he shared on his Facebook last week. Seems like it’s all in good fun.

But what do you think, fellow die-hards of the frequently-mistaken Boston boys? Funny? Or too far?

Watch Beaunohler’s full “Chat Pack” stand-up bit, including Mark Wahlberg’s shout out, here.