Boston Now Has Its Very Own Set of Superheroes—Capes and All

A group meets regularly to produce a comic based on the city, creating characters that save the day.

Photo via NinthArtPress

Photo via NinthArtPress

When residents of Boston are in a bind, the superheroes of the city-centric comic book “In a Single Bound” are there to save the day.

The two-part series, created by local artists and writers that meet regularly in Harvard Square, and call themselves the Boston Comics Roundtable, has built a character base and collection of short comics that feature exclusive superheroes with select powers right here in the city.

Thom Dunn, an Emerson graduate and area writer, recently contributed to the second edition of “In a Single Bound,” a 36-page black-and-white comic, by creating a character known as “Louie the Lone Dervish” based off of a man in Boston that is known to bike around the city on a tricycle while shouting. The real “Louie” was a well known part of the area enough so that a documentary was made about him.

Dunn, however, said his version, loosely based on the actual person, merely rides around on a three-wheeled bike and inadvertently stops crimes. “I was trying to think of something, for me,  that wouldn’t have been too cliché, like having some Red Sox or Patriots superhero. I was trying to get something that people here would really get. I thought about the idea, and decided to do a variation on that,” he said.

The comic, which was supposed to be released in April at the Comic Con, was postponed because of the Marathon bombing, and was released in August when the comic convention was rescheduled.

Now on stands for sale to the general public, Dunn, who got involved because of an artists friend named Jim Gallagher, is especially excited because his superhero is on the cover of the comic. Dunn said he hopes to continue working with the Boston Comics Roundtable and Ninth Art Press, who published the series, to create more super hero scenarios that are Boston-based. “I think they are working on a third one, and the next one is supposed to be more kid-focused. I’m hoping to do something for the next issue,” he said.

Other superheroes featured in the second installment of the comic book series include “the Green Eagle,” a hero called “The Number Four, Bobby Orr,” and “Pond Scum.”

Inspired by the idea of having a Boston-themed superhero, we came up with its own list of potential day-savers:

Mr. mbTa: Like the iconic Mr. T, this superhero would have attitude but wouldn’t stand for late trains. In a leap and bound, he would respond to any and all tweets that came through complaining about the MBTA.

Pink Hat Girl: The Red Sox hat-wearing superhero has the ability to get a party started anywhere, anytime, and only sort of likes the baseball team, but is willing to go with you at your request.

Gronk Mania: Picture the Hulk, except less angry, and all he does is say really notable catchphrases and then turns them into T-shirts for people to wear. Oh, and instead of being green, he is the color of the Patriots jerseys.