Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Rib Hernandez and Tebow

"The Evolution of Touchdown Dancing" ribs two former Patriots.

Erstwhile college teammates, bar-going bros, ex-Patriots… Aaron Hernandez and Tim Tebow now share another major life connection: They’ve been mocked in Jimmy Fallon’s recent bit “The Evolution of Touchdown Dancing.” (We use ‘major’ loosely.)

This video follows the model of the ‘Evolution of Mom Dancing‘ before it, which featured Michelle Obama. Fallon’s big guest to help him with his visual history is Justin Timberlake. They begin with some classics from the Touchdown Dance genre, like the Robot and the Dirty Bird. Then things get more modern with “Taking a Selfie,” and the “I Though I Just Saw Aaron Hernandez,” which … *laughs nervously.* Then there’s some “Tebowing.”

Watch it below. It’s delightful.