Neil Young Played at Johnny D’s in Somerville Last Night

And only some people knew about it.

Neil Young may have upstaged his own wife.

Last night, the rock and roll legend made an appearance at Johnny D’s Uptown, a small venue and restaurant in Somerville’s Davis Square, and played a little ditty during an impromptu set. The song was reportedly a new track from the iconic performer.

Young was in town because his wife is the front-woman for the group Pegi Young & the Survivors. To say fans were stoked—and pleasantly surprised—by Young’s performance on stage is an understatement. His appearance was mostly kept a secret, although, lots of people showed up to see the performance at the 300—person capacity lounge.

Owners of Johnny D’s posted a super-cryptic message on their Facebook page prior to the performance, hinting that those attending might be in for a treat:

Because we have such a heart of gold, we’re telling you that you don’t want to miss tonight’s Pegi Young & The Survivors show at Johnny D’s Uptown Restaurant & Music Club which will feature a very very special guest. Know what we’re sayin’??

A giant tour van parked outside the venue may have tipped some people off, too.

After the show, the people at Johnny D’s posted this photo of the crowd buzzing outside in Davis Square, thanking the Young’s for their show.