Ben Affleck Was Caught Wearing a Cardinals Shirt A Day Before the World Series

But don't worry, he has a semi-good excuse.

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Now, before you freak out about Ben Affleck wearing a St. Louis T-shirt a day before the Red Sox World Series game against the Cardinals, let him explain.

Apparently, after getting caught in the rival team’s apparel, someone took a screenshot of the actor and posted it to the Major League Baseball section of Reddit.

The shot was also picked up by a local Fox news affiliate in Missouri, who Tweeted at the actor, and called him out for his wardrobe choice, despite his strong Boston ties. “Actor, devoted BoSox fan Ben Affleck wears Cardinals shirt,” the news station Tweeted. They later notified Fox 25 in Boston to sound the alarms.

But Affleck said he had an excuse for frolicking around in Cardinals gear, and quickly came to his own defense:


Affleck is playing the lead male role in the film adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s New York Times bestseller Gone Girl. David Fincher, director of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network, signed on to direct the project earlier this year.

For the most part, people seem to be letting Affleck of the hook, since you know, it’s his job and everything. One commenter on Reddit said, as they have seen Affleck roaming around Missouri, the Cambridge native has stayed loyal to his home teams.

“Ben Affleck has been filming a movie in my home town here in Missouri. He’s been sporting Red Sox and Patriots t-shirts when he’s been kicking around town. During the movie he has some local shirts on,” they wrote. “And by the way, he’s been really cool to everyone here, and has posed for literally hundred’s of pictures with locals. Not one person has said anything bad about him.”

A good guy and a loyal Boston fan? We would expect nothing less.