Boston Museums Celebrate the Red Sox’s World Series Win

From hanging giant banners, to decking out artwork in Red Sox regalia, to sending out celebratory tweets, Boston's cultural institutions are celebrating the team's epic 2013 win.


Photo provided by the Museum of Fine Arts

While the Duck Boats are in preparation for the parade on Saturday, museums and other cultural institutions around Boston have already taken to celebrating the Red Sox’s World Series win last night—the first at Fenway Park since 1918.

To complement the 26-foot-long “Boston Strong” banners already hanging from its Huntington Avenue façade, the Museum of Fine Arts dressed the “Appeal to the Great Spirit” statue—the bronze Sioux chief in front of the entrance—in a Red Sox jersey. The XXL jersey was custom-tailored for the landmark statue by costume conservator Joel Thompson and collections engineer Dante Vallance.

The banners and jersey will remain at the MFA until Monday. You can also check out a Facebook gallery of the best beards on view at the museum. Each one correspondents to a different Red Sox player—can’t you see the uncanny resemblance between that ancient Roman bust and World Series MVP Big Papi?

Meanwhile, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum chose to celebrate with a banner of their own:

Over at the Institute of Contemporary Art, you can gain free admission to the masquerade-themed First Friday event they’re hosting tomorrow night by wearing a Red Sox Jersey:

And while not all the of the city’s cultural institutions are hosting special events or decking out their objects in Red Sox gear, most of them have taken to social media to celebrate the team’s historic win:

Our Museum of Science tweeted at the St. Louis Science Museum after the win:

And the SLSC tweeted back this photo of its Mr. T-Rex rocking the winning team’s jersey:

And, of course, the Boston Symphony Orchestra can now proclaim its victory over the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra in the most entertaining of rivalries during this World Series: