Watch Casey Affleck and Conan O’Brien Discuss Their Boston Roots

They exchange witty banter about Cambridge versus Brookline and their shared lack of Boston accents.

Casey Affleck appeared on Conan O’Brien’s talk show last night to promote his new movie Out of the Furnace. During the interview, Conan breached the obligatory “I’m from Boston, you’re from Boston” topic, at which point Affleck teased the host for being from Brookline:

Conan: “Brookline is right on the line, I can walk to Boston.”

Casey: “But we don’t let you walk there.”


Cue Casey admitting he’s from the “slum and gutter” of Cambridge, cue Conan making fun of his alma mater Harvard, cue the two guys chumming it up about how neither have a Boston accent, annnd scene. Solid, slow clap for this very Boston-proper late-night interview.

Seriously though, we love Casey Affleck’s enthusiasm about being a Cambridge native. In case you missed it, check out an interview with Affleck in our December issue, in which he talks about Brookline Lunch, rent control in Cambridge, upcoming Boston projects (plural!), and efforts to save the Harvard Square movie theater.