Video: Berklee Flash Mob Performs ‘O Holy Night’ at the MFA

And they sound absolutely spectacular.

berklee flash mob mfa

We’ve seen talented musicians perform in unexpected places before—they play Macklemore in the Public Garden, and they beatbox at crowded T stops.

But a flash mob of 50 or so Berklee students last Saturday went in a slightly different direction when they surprised visitors at the MFA with an impromptu holiday performance.

Without any announcement (who do they think they are, Beyonce?), a cellist began playing in the middle of the Shapiro Family Courtyard at the MFA, and he was soon joined by his fellow Berklee College students for a captivating rendition of a holiday classic, “O Holy Night.”

Imagine the final scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas, except the kids are all grown up, gifted with mesmerizing musical skills, and are performing at the stately Museum of Fine Arts instead of outside Snoopy’s prize-winning dog house. This was something like that.

But better yet, don’t imagine it. Just watch it here:

The experiment was the first public performance for the Loft Sessions, a video series launched by Berklee student Evan Chapman last year. Chapman, who produced, arranged, and edited the MFA video, indicated to that this first flash mob was so well received that more impromptu shows may be on the horizon.

So keep your eyes—and ears—open.