Gisele Bundchen Carries Her Baby While Riding a Four-Wheeler in Costa Rica

Mrs. Tom Brady and little Tom Brady weren't wearing their helmets either.

We all enjoy the occasion YOLO moment, and that certainly doesn’t exclude Tom Brady’s bombshell wife Gisele Bundchen from cruising around Costa Rica on a quad—with her baby daughter, Vivian, on her lap sans helmet.

The Brazilian supermodel voyaged through a Costa Rican beach on the four-wheeler, one-year-old Vivian Lake Brady balanced in one hand, navigating the vehicle with the other. Of course, neither of the two were wearing helmets, which has sparked controversy across the web. Here’s the photo:

gisele bundchen baby

Image via TMZ / Twitter

Bundchen has the baby strapped to her chest in an infant carrier, but it looks like Vivian isn’t in the most secure of configurations. This isn’t the first time Gisele was spotted with her baby on a four-wheeler, either. Just last March, she and Brady were photographed in Costa Rica on a vehicle together with their daughter. That time, Brady used his hands to navigate the vehicle and the infant was secured to Bundchen’s chest.

In Massachusetts, it’s required by state law to wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle or ATV. Helmet laws are instituted in public areas of Costa Rica as well, but it is possible Bundchen was riding on a private beach.

Alas, it seems like Bundchen can’t catch a break with being a mommy these days. It was only weeks ago that the breastfeeding while being pampered for a photo shoot pic took over the Internet. Supermodels really are a different breed.

So what do we think, folks? Is Gisele really that crazy for taking her baby on a casual ride around the beach? Or was it a not-so-innocent act after all?