Watch: Wellesley Firefighters Appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

A video of the team saving a dog from the Charles River went viral, so Ellen invited them on her show.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones who get to have fun on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The talk-show host also invites everyday people with inspiring stories. Ellen is well-known for her love of animals, so her visitors today—Wellesley firefighters who saved a dog from the Charles River in December—were perfect guests for the show.

Last month, after a golden retriever named Crosby fell through the ice on the Charles River, the firefighters successfully rescued the dog by donning protective suits and entering the water to shepherd Crosby out.

The four Wellesley firefighters recap the story on Ellen (clip above), explaining that they were celebrating their office holiday party at the time of the owner’s frantic call, and that it turned out Crosby ended up in his predicament after chasing a squirrel out onto the ice. (Way to confirm stereotypes, Crosby.)

The dog’s owner, Amy, was in the audience, and expressed her gratitude toward the first responders for their heroism. Since the video of their rescue went viral, the team has received a lot of national attention and was even given a special award from PETA.

Ellen decided to say thanks by giving each firefighter a trip to the Caribbean (to escape the bitter cold of Boston). Not a bad reward for a heroic dive into the Charles.

Dave, Paul, Joan, and Jim were the most recent of several local guests whom Ellen has invited to be on her show in the last few months.

In December, two boys from Bridgewater appeared on the show after an entire youth football team wore suits, ties, and fedoras to support their six-year-old teammate after he was bullied. Ellen’s reward? More fedoras, plus a personal invitation from Tom Brady to attend a Pats game.

In October 2013, Ellen invited an engaged couple on the show. Ellen presented the pair, who were injured in the Boston Marathon bombings, with $20,000 from Shutterfly.