Liam Neeson Tours Boston College

Twitter was flooded with photos of the actor and his son during their visit to the university on Tuesday.

liam neeson boston college

Liam Neeson treks up the “Million-Dollar Staircase” at Boston College. (Photo by Sam Joseph, Boston College ’14)

Boston College students sat tight with an extra sense of security today with the knowledge that the star of Taken was on campus. “Did you see Liam Neeson?!!” were the words aflutter at the university on Tuesday, when the actor took a campus tour with one of his two sons. (The school has had its fair share of fandom recently, as Kobe Bryant made a surprise visit to a marketing class while in town for a Lakers vs. Celtics game earlier this year.)

Neeson has had a long and wide-ranging career: the Oscar-nominated actor starred in Schindler’s List; kicked Batman’s butt as Ra’s Al Ghul; won the hearts of fathers, mothers, and daughters everywhere as a protective father in Taken (and Taken 2, and yes—there will be a Taken 3); and for those of you who watched The Lego Movie, Neeson lends his voice to Bad Cop/Good Cop.

As soon as word got out that Neeson was visiting, Boston College organizations and students alike immediately began posting on social media about the visit. Who needs paparrazzi when you have Twitter?

The chances of Neeson’s son attending Boston College might be slim, however, as reactions from the students were far from subtle in response to the actor’s presence on campus.

Hopefully Boston College’s snowy beauty makes up for its celebrity-crazed students and Boston can welcome a Neeson to the university scene. (Just no kidnapping pranks. Because his dad will find you. And he will kill you.)