Ted Might Guest Star on Wahlburgers

That's right, a Wahlburgers producer wants the CGI teddy bear to guest star on the second season of the reality show.

Mark Wahlberg Ted

Image via Ted

Watch out, Jenny McCarthy. There’s a new movie star looking to make a cameo on Wahlburgers sometime soon, and this guy bear will even give your dirty mouth a run for your money.

The Wrap reported that producer of A&E’s hit show Wahlburgers, Rasha Drachkovitch, wants Ted (yes, that Ted) to make a cameo on the reality series in the second season. Drachkovitch envisions a storyline where the foul-mouthed teddy bear shows up at the Hingham burger joint to harass Paul, the level-headed Wahlberg brother running the restaurant.

“Mark’s shooting Ted 2, and we’ve talked about bringing Ted, the bear, into one of the episodes,” Drachkovitch said. “Mark’s going to talk to Seth [MacFarlane] about it. We’re talking about doing it for Season 2. I would love to figure out the special effects and all to have a scene where he kind of plants the movie franchise with the television series. It would be wicked cool.”

So, let’s get this straight. A digitally created talking teddy bear with a mouth worse than your drunk uncle on Christmas is going to make a cameo on a “reality” series and “family” program. Yes, that sounds about right.

But how does that make sense? If Ted does, in fact, successfully make his cameo, won’t viewers be distracted from the fact that Wahlburgers is supposed to be a show based on reality? I can’t think of anything further from reality than a humanized talking teddy bear with detachment issues. And more importantly, will viewers feel slighted that Ted’s cameo is too much of a Wahlberg-orchestrated marketing tactic?

Drachkovitch added, “We break the wall. We’re not taking the show super seriously…If you see a talking bear, and it’s scripted, you’re in on the joke.”

OK, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. For the sake of the joke, right?

A&E ordered 18 more episodes of Wahlburgers after its success in ratings since premiering in January. This is double its pilot season order of nine episodes, although shooting schedules and premiere dates have yet to be determined. Ted 2 is expected to be released in June 2015.