Here’s Your Southie St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Card

Because exactly what this parade needs is a way to keep tabs on all the antics.

It’s almost time for Southie to turn into a densely packed playground of Irish/wannabe Irish that’s too wild for some and too tame for others.

Of course, we’re talking about the annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities and parade. In case you’re looking for more amusement than the family-friendly parade, guzzling green drinks, and people watching, we’ve got you covered with this Southie St. Paddy’s Day Bingo card.

How you decide to celebrate the glory of scoring Bingo is up to you, but your best bet is to avoid doing anything that will make you a morning-after police log statistic. We’re looking at you, guy-who-kicked-a-girl-in-the-throat-in-2013.