Calling All Startups: Shark Tank Will Be Taking Pitches in Cambridge

Workbar will host an open casting call in April. Time to perfect those talking points.

Boston and surrounding cities are teeming with creative-types and innovators, so it’s no wonder the producers of the hit ABC show Shark Tank want to make their way to Massachusetts to try and feed on some new startups.

According to an open-casting call posted to the show’s website, on April 17, inventors that think they have a viable business plan will get just 60 seconds to try and “wow” and “dazzle” the members of Shark Tank’s casting crew, in order to possibly secure a spot on national television and get funding for their respective projects.

“Come prepared,” producers said in the call for interested applicants.

Here are some of the details:

Attend an open call where you will be given the opportunity to do a one-minute pitch of your business/product/idea to a member of the Casting Team—just like you would as if you were on the show…only the first 500 applicants are guaranteed to be seen so arrive early to secure your numbered wristband.

The casting call will take place at Workbar, 45 Prospect St., Central Square, early in the morning, and as the show’s staff stressed, if you’re interested it might be best to get there fast. Wristband distribution will begin at 10 a.m., and last through noon. The actual interviews will start just one hour after they start handing out the limited number of passes.

The try-outs are open to the general public, and applicants must fill out a bulk of information prior to arrival. “It is imperative that you complete your application prior to the open call because there are a lot of detailed questions on there that you may not have the answers to at the open call,” the casting staff said.

The packet of questions needed to participate in the audition process can be found here.

Abby Taylor, digital media and events manager at Workbar, said they are “really, really excited” to be hosting the event. “They said sometimes people camp overnight [to get a spot],” she said, adding that the show contacted Workbar out of the blue this month, curious about hosting the try-outs at the Cambridge space. “They said they had done casting calls in co-working spaces before and it went really well for them, and it was a nice space for people and for the flexibility that’s needed for this type of event.”

She said it’s also good for networking purposes between local companies, as well as for Workbar. “This is their first casting call in Boston, I’m told. They are really excited to reach into our market. It’s sort of the highest-level of startups and entrepreneurial-like explosions happening in the area right now. The rep I spoke to, she was very eager to kind of sink her teeth into what we have to offer here. I think we will definitely see some Boston people on their lineup.”

While the pool is pretty limited, there’s no reason for people in Boston and Cambridge to feel as though the dream of getting on the show is unattainable—just ask Max Valverde, the creator of the messy hair-fixing product “Morning Head.”

This Friday, Valverde will appear on Shark Tank, after swimming past thousands of business owners and startups that auditioned for a place before the judges. Valverde told Boston the process was a long one, however. He auditioned back in September of 2013, and only got notice this month that the segment he taped for would be shown on television in front of millions of viewers.

Valverde wouldn’t tell us how far he made it on the show, but he has been teasing out photos and promoting his appearance on Morning Head’s Facebook page. “I can’t get too deep into it. But I can say it was tons of fun, and it’s a great show and I’m excited to be a part of it,” said Valverde of taping for the show.