The Six Tuna-isms of Wicked Tuna

The Gloucester-based reality show is in its third season, so go fish or go home.

Wicked Tuna, the Gloucester-based reality show on National Geographic, is back for its third season and it’s well … fishier than ever. The show follows a handful of bluefin tuna fishermen whose goal is to catch the biggest tuna they can find and sell for it for as much money as they can get. But this ain’t a game to them, my friends.

These fishermen have a whole kind of lifestyle figured on their fishing boats, the kind of lifestyle that we’ve officially dubbed as Tuna-isms. And in case you missed out over the past few seasons, these Tuna-isms are as real as they come. Take a look:


Wicked Tuna Tunaism Captain Paul

1. There are two priorities: pay day and cussing.
Captain Paul really loves both. Pay day, baby.


Wicked Tuna Tunaism Cheering

 2. Chest thumping = essential.
Because coming home with a decent catch always calls for behaving like Dothrakis.


Wicked Tuna Tunaism

3. Never get in the way of the captain. Ever.
This one applies to any industry.


Wicked Tuna Tunaism Googans

4. Especially if you’re a googan.
“Googans are kind of like sport guys in small boats who come out on the weekends and don’t really have a clue what’s going on,” as Captain Ralph puts it. Googans are the worst.


Wicked Tuna Tunaism Shades

5. Dress practically, not trendy. Wear shades that look like this.
Captain Paul knows best here.


Wicked Tuna Tunaism Cheerful

6. Wicked Tunas always come out on top.
Because there is no room for losers.