We Scoured the City and Found Four Pokémon Hiding in Boston

Uh, thanks Google.

Today is April Fools’ Day, and, naturally, Google announced a job opening for a “Pokémon Master.” To help parse the candidates, the search giant developed a “Pokémon Challenge” by hiding 150 Pokémon all over the world via Google Maps. To play, you’ll need to download the latest version of Google Maps, then look around famous monuments, landmarks, museums, and other locations to find hiding Pokémon. Once you find one, you can catch it by tapping the “search” option and pressing start by the bright blue pokéball.

Unfortunately, if you do catch them all, you won’t actually be eligible for a job at Google, but you should definitely be proud of your worldly knowledge and Pokémon mastery. We scoured Boston, and here’s where we found the little monsters hiding:

1. Head over to the Common to Granary Burying Ground and add a Pumpkaboo to your pokédex.

Pokemon on by Park Church


2. There’s a Pokemon nerding out in MIT’s Media Lab. Of course.

Pokemon MIT Media Lab


3. And one at Harvard. (Also: of course.)

Pokemon in Harvard

4. Last but not least, there’s one hanging out by the Museum of Science.

Museum of Science Pokemon