Watch This Guy Build a Replica of Fenway Park Out of Legos in Two Minutes

The video is sped up, of course.

The Red Sox are getting a brand new ballpark this season.

Ok, technically we lied. But they are getting a Lego replica of one.

To celebrate opening day on their home turf this weekend, Legoland Discovery Center Boston put together a small-scale version of the historic Fenway Park, which will be on display for the general public starting Sunday.

The 68-pound model took 450 hours and 28,000 Lego pieces to construct, in a lab in England, and measures in at 12-square feet. While significantly smaller than the actual park (for obvious reasons) the model gets all of the details of Fenway down to a science.  “[It has] everything from the Green Monster, to the Pesky Pole, to 800 Sox fans cheering in the stands,” according to Legoland representatives.

In the video, you can watch the building process unfold as one man takes on the task of snapping in place each minute detail in order to bring Boston’s landmark to life.

Ian Coffey, who was crowned victor of the Legoland Discovery Center’s competition to become the area’s master builder in January, said this is just one of several Red Sox-themed Lego projects the company has been working on. Earlier this week Coffey built a “B” logo to help get fans amped up for opening day on Friday. Although Coffey didn’t build the Fenway Park model, he said it’s one of the best Lego projects he has ever seen—and that’s coming from a guy who spends his entire day playing with plastic blocks.

“It’s incredible,” he said. “This Fenway model when you see it in person, you’re jaw is going to drop. It’s an awesome, awesome model. It’s gorgeous. I have seen some really cool things, but this is gorgeous.”

What’s even cooler about this time-lapse video is that while the worker toils away, picking out tiny pieces of plastic in order to create a small-scale version of the beloved ballpark, in the background sits a replica of the Old State House. It looks pretty accurate, as far as we can tell, and promises to be one of many Boston-based Lego landmarks that will grace the exhibit once it opens in May. The company has already built a replica of the Boston Public Library, too, which is now on view…well…at the library, of course.

“We’re having a mini-land within our attraction, so it’s a miniature version of the area and all the places people love, all constructed of Lego bricks. Dozens and dozens of Boston landmarks are being made. I can’t give it away. But there will be a lot,” said Coffey of what people can expect when Legoland Discovery Center Boston opens its doors in May.

After its weekend debut, the Legoland Discovery Center Boston will move the Fenway Park model to their facility to join the rest of the ongoing projects.