MIT Students Will Run in Their Undies to Raise Money for Officer Collier Scholarship

Buns for funds: the "Nearly Naked Nearly Mile" will raise some cash in the name of the late officer.

Students from MIT will strip down to their skivvies in a strange but heartfelt tribute to Officer Sean Collier, who was killed last year during the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

To raise money in support of the former campus security officer, on April 19, people from the MIT community will “strip down” and begin a nearly-nude, nearly-mile-long jaunt through the school’s campus, called the “Nearly Naked Nearly Mile.”

“On April 18th, 2013, Officer Collier was stolen away from us. His loss shocked and devastated our community, but has led us to try to live as he did: kind, generous, and full of spirit. This year, we run in his memory,” organizers said on their event page.

Students putting together the Nearly Naked Nearly Mile run said Collier was more than just an officer who patrolled the school’s campus. Organizers said Collier brought a “tremendous spirit” to the school, and was known by a host of student-run groups. “It was his genuine interest in the wellbeing of MIT students that made him truly loved here on campus. He didn’t just protect our community—he embodied it,” the event page said.

The run isn’t merely a reason to show some skin, however. According to details, there will be a dunk tank on site, as well as two resident DJs from the school, and all the clothing that’s stripped off of the students will be placed in a pile and donated to charity. Some select Cambridge restaurateurs will also provide food and beverages.

Come Marathon Monday, a group of dedicated runners (who will keep their clothes on) will be pounding the pavement as part of “Team Collier Strong,” in honor of the late officer. The team has been in training all winter to prepare for race day, and has been raising funds for the Officer Sean Collier Self Sponsor Scholarship, which will send one recruit through the Lowell Police Academy every year.

Money raised by the nearly-naked participants prior to the Marathon will go toward the same fund.