Denis Leary Talks Red Sox, Celebrity Doppelgangers

Leary visited Late Night with Seth Meyers and talked about the drunken debauchery he encountered after attending last year's World Series.

Worcester native Denis Leary appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week to promote his new films Draft Day and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The proud Masshole declared his undying devotion to the Red Sox (he wore a Sox jacket on the show), shared his Game 6 experience from last year, and addressed his celebrity doppelgangers.

Leary recounted to Meyers (also a Sox fan) how happy he was to see the Red Sox win the World Series while watching at Fenway with his son:

So we went to the game and the Red Sox won, and it was like a real Field of Dreams father-son [moment]. I had a tear in my eye when the Red Sox won. I’m being honest with you, I turned to my son—my dad died without ever seeing the Red Sox win a World Championship and my uncles as well that came from Ireland and died without the Red Sox winning—I turned to my son, and we hugged, and I had a tear in my eye.

How sweet! But then came the hard part, getting home through the drunken debauchery that ensued outside of Fenway:

And then it dawned on me: that we were in a park full of 37,000 people, and we were up in a high box, right? So we’re watching the celebration, but now we have to get out of the park. … 50,000 Boston people who didn’t have tickets drank all the alcohol in their apartments, and then surrounded Fenway Park. All of a sudden I’m like ‘We’re going to get killed!’ We looked over the edge of the park and drunken people were scaling the outside of Fenway…it was like World War D. … I’m telling you, ladies and gentlemen, I grew up in Boston, I’ve been there, I’ve seen celebrations, these people were so drunk, it was like the Alcohol Olympics.

According to Leary, a “gold medalist” in the Alcohol Olympics:

I saw a guy urinating, and vomiting, while he was on his cell phone. … And he did not get a drop of urine or puke on himself!

Above, Leary also talked with Meyers about four of his celebrity doppelgangers. “I’m doing The Bon Jovi Story,” he joked about his current ’do.

His hair, it would seem, has led to both obvious and not-so-obvious lookalikes: Willem Dafoe (“totally fair”), Aaron Eckhart (“he’s way younger than me!”), Ellen DeGeneres (“I apologize to Ellen”), and Jane Lynch (“A little old lady says, ‘I love you on that singing show'”). Which makes us wonder…

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