Casey Affleck Might Be Launching His Own Production Company

Ben's little bro is looking to do some writing and producing.

Casey Affleck, younger brother of our Boston Movie Prince, Ben Affleck, is rumored to be launching his own production company. The actor is supposedly pairing up with producer John Powers Middleton (co-producer on The Lego Movie, among his many film credits) to focus on creating films and TV series.

According to Variety, “the company is being designed to afford Affleck the opportunity to focus more on producing, writing, and directing.” This is clearly a collaborative effort between Affleck and Middleton, but details—including a name—haven’t been officially announced.

Not to intentionally put Casey in his brother’s shadow, but it sounds like he’s really making some similar strides as brother Ben. In 2007, Ben Affleck ventured down this road when he wrote and directed the film adaption of Dennis Lehane’s novel Gone Baby Gone. Ben and Matt Damon later founded two production companies: LivePlanet in 2000 and Pearl Street Films in 2012. The rest of Ben’s directing/writing/acting gigs in The Town and Argo are obviously history.

Also like Ben, Casey is known for his Boston-based movie credits. Aside from his supporting role in Good Will Hunting, which more or less launched his acting career, he starred as lead detective Patrick Kenzie in Gone Baby Gone. More recently, the actor wrote a screenplay with fellow Boston-native screenwriter Chuck Maclean based on the Boston Strangler. Casey will likely star as one of the detectives on the Strangler Squad, and will be an executive producer on the movie.

The production company launch, combined with his interest in Boston movies, seems like a sound plan for Casey Affleck. Although Warner Bros. acquired the rights to produce the Boston Strangler film in a major deal, it’ll only prove that this guy has the potential to be the whole package as director, actor, writer, and producer.

Perhaps there will be a battle of the bros in the near future? Just imagine the headline: “How Do You Like These Apples? Affleck Brothers Fight to Death for Best Picture/Best Director at 2016 Academy Awards,” or “Look Who’s Robin Now? Ben Affleck Is Now Sidekick to Superior Brother’s Film Talents,” and so on.

For now, just enjoy this endearing clip of Casey Affleck in Good Will Hunting. We got snacks now!